create, modify and update

In January 2017, I will be launching a series of workshops that will give you all the online presence and printed material to launch your own company:


Buy a domain name, choose a website template, learn how to modify and to upload the content.

Design a logo, create a brand, business cards, letterheads and printed marketing material.

Take photos of your products in our studio with a professional photographer.

Create a template for email marketing.

Produce a prototype of your design before going into production.

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date to come

This workshop is made for startups, which need a brand identity and business stationery.

You will go home with a logo, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and email signature.



date to come

You will be shown how to buy your domain name, how to choose the right template and how to modify it with online resources. You will learn how to format and upload images and texts and how to create content. You will have your website online by the end of the workshop.


date to come

You will be able to have your products photographed in a studio with a professional photographer.

Catalogue and flyers

date to come

You will be shown how to design a catalogue and use it as a template.

You will be able to upload your products and create a price list, terms & conditions page and contact page.

email marketing

date to come

We will show you how to create marketing emails and how to build an appropriate email list.



date to come

You will be able to  digitally add your designs on various products before going into production or simply for your catalogue/flyer while  your products are still in production.