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ABOUT madame chalet


Coming from a fine-art background, Genevieve Closuit studied at the Geneva School of Visual Art where she specialised in video installation. After completing a postgraduate in electronic imaging at Dundee College of Art, she moved to London where she established herself as a freelance web and graphic designer. She spent the next 14 years working in the multi media industry before setting up Madame Chalet, an idea born out of the need to create something fun and imaginative that reflected her affection of Swiss culture and all things kitsch.


Since then Madame Chalet has gone from strength to strength with products carried by more than 100 shops around the world as well as distributers and licensors worldwide.


Inspired by the stunning landscapes and kitsch vintage culture of her native Switzerland, Genevieve has developed a witty and original range of gifts, cards and home-accessories that are rich in texture and colour and reflect her life-long enchantment with the innocent expressive figurines and needlepoint embroideries of her childhood.

“When I think about Switzerland, I see the mountains and villages where I come from and I think of people who live a simple life with little connection to the modern world. Needlepoint imagery represents something almost  surreal that maintains a humour and lost innocence that is a million miles away from our society with its endless demands for quick results and high productivity. The art of Needlepoint requires an almost meditative concentration that allows the maker to disconnect from reality and this idea is something that inspires me when I create my designs.”



Genevieve has a large collection of vintage embroidery, cross stitch art, small ceramic animals, figurines, toys and objet d’art that inform her work.